Current job in the universe
[2:1Y:ZZ] Return of the fleet 00:07:20
[1:17Y:ZZ] Construction Research laboratory 00:39:59
[2:1Y:ZZ] Construction Solar Power 00:02:50
[3:14Y:ZZ] Fleet Spy Probe 00:00:12
[1:5Y:ZZ] Construction Research laboratory 00:46:22
[1:5Y:ZZ] Return of the fleet 00:07:02
[2:2Y:ZZ] Construction Factory nanites 04:38:46
[2:1Y:ZZ] Processing 00:01:03
[2:2Y:ZZ] Construction Mine for the extraction of silica 00:45:58
[3:1Y:ZZ] Fleet Recycler 00:10:41
[:Y:ZZ] Return of the fleet 00:52:45
[3:1Y:ZZ] Construction Solar Power 03:51:22
[3:1Y:ZZ] Construction Synthesizer hydrogen 03:22:37
[:Y:ZZ] Return of the fleet 00:43:02
[1:1Y:ZZ] Study Kick motor 05:21:58